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Relaxation for tired back and legs

Relaxing back massage using special, warming, herbal oil “For tired back". It is followed by a relaxing massage of the whole legs, including a massage of the soles. Application of the cream "For tired and swollen feet" to the massaged feet.  Followed by a wrap of the legs and body and a short relaxation. During the relaxation, it is made a comfortable, dry massage of the head and back of the neck. 

850 Kč

Manual lymph drainage

Special massage that activates the lymphatic system, improves lymph flow and strongly promotes the removal of metabolic products and toxic substances from the body. It has an excellent detoxifying, rejuvenating, and relaxing effects. It soothes stress and improves the feeling of tension, is strongly effective in lymphatic and venous swellings, water retention, cellulite, acne, slows down the skin ageing.  It is performed without massage oils, using only baby powder.  It is very smooth and painless.   

1350 Kč

Indian Anti-stress Massage

This is a special massage of upper thoracic parts of the back, neck, shoulders, the head (and the scalp) and the face without the use of massage oil. In the first phase, the massage is performed on a massage kneeling chair, while the client is sitting or lying on a couchette, through clothing or a cotton scarf. In the second half, the client is lying on the couchette on the back, is wrapped up in a wrap followed by a very pleasant massage of the face with warmed lava stones. The massage relieves tension, stress, overwork, anxiety, relieves headaches, eye pain, improves blood circulation and stiff neck, head and stimulates the scalp.

700 Kč

Classic Full Body Hand Massage

Classic full body hand massage is a moderate pressure full body massage focused on thorough release, relieving pain and relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation throughout the body, and accelerating muscle regeneration. The masseur uses basic massage touches such as circular and transverse friction, rubbing, kneading, beating and vibration.  The massage is performed with massage oil.  The goal is the total regeneration of body and mind. 

850 Kč

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology foot massage utilizes release of small joints, muscles, and tendons of the foot, but also around the fingers, instep, and ankle. The method is based on traditional Chinese medicine and using squeezing, compression, and other specific movements in certain reflex points and paths it tries to restore the flow of energy and mental balance. The foot massage undoubtedly influences very positively blood circulation and the lymphatic system, which helps remove accumulated toxins from the body and thus strengthen immunity. It is also recommended for relieving headaches, muscles, joints, and spine, or problems with insomnia. This is a very pleasant relaxation technique. 

850 Kč

Massage with Scented Candle Maui

A unique full body massage, lightly perfumed and deeply relaxing. The care itself consists of treatment with honey peeling, followed by a body massage with a scented candle, which due to the warming of the wax converts into massage oil having soothing and nourishing effects on skin. The massage relaxes the body, brings about the feeling of well-being and the oil leaves the skin soft and fragrant, has a significant positive effect on the psyche.

750 Kč

Lava Stone Massage

Lava stone massage is a rather unconventional method of massage, even so it is one of the oldest relaxation techniques also positively affecting human health. Besides oils, special stones are used for the massage, pre-warmed to a temperature of 37-40 °C; the heat is then absorbed through the skin into deeper tissues, thus providing a pleasant release of stiff muscles. A well-knit massage will bring you a regal rest thanks to its special touches. You may anticipate not only back and neck massage, but also foot massage and final relaxation with the stones distributed on the energy centres of the whole body.

900 Kč

Wellness massages


Preis f(Kč)
Hloubková konopná masáž dlaní a chodidel 50 min. 850
Konopná masáž 25 min. 500
Konopný rituál 75 min. 1 300
Omlazující masáž s červeným vínem 75 min. 1 200
Omlazující rituál s červeným vínem 80 min. 1 400
Relaxace pro unavená záda a nohy 50 min. 850
Detoxikační masáž pro ženy 50 min. 850
Luxusní ošetření zlato-jantar 75 min. 1 300
Indická antistresová masáž 50 min. 700
Rituál Bylinkové pohlazení 50 min. 700
Masáž lávovými kameny 50 min. 900
Relaxační aromamasáž celotělová 50 min. 850
Havajská masáž Lomi Lomi 50 min. 800
Masáž vonnými oleji Aurora 25 min. 500
Manuální lymfatická masáž 100 min. 1 600
Reflexní masáž plosky nohy 50 min. 850
Klasická ruční masáž celotělová 50 min. 850
Třeboňské Parafango (v nabídce pouze do 31.12.2019) 30 min. 500
Slatinná masáž (v nabídce pouze do 31.12.2019) 50 min. 850

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