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Classic Full Body Hand Massage

Classic full body hand massage is a moderate pressure full body massage focused on thorough release, relieving pain and relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation throughout the body, and accelerating muscle regeneration. The masseur uses basic massage touches such as circular and transverse friction, rubbing, kneading, beating and vibration.  The massage is performed with massage oil.  The goal is the total regeneration of body and mind. 

850 Kč

Relaxation for tired back and legs

Relaxing back massage using special, warming, herbal oil “For tired back". It is followed by a relaxing massage of the whole legs, including a massage of the soles. Application of the cream "For tired and swollen feet" to the massaged feet.  Followed by a wrap of the legs and body and a short relaxation. During the relaxation, it is made a comfortable, dry massage of the head and back of the neck. 

850 Kč

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

It is a full body massage based on the Hawaiian philosophy and rituals. The aim of this massage is to relax the muscles, to brisk up the "blocked" energy and overall harmonization of the body.  The massage is done mainly by long touches with forearms and palms of the masseur in the fast rhythm of Hawaiian (exotic) music. The main effect of the massage is stimulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, followed by detoxification of the organism, removal of muscle pain and stiffness, and induction of psychological well-being.

 800 Kč

Relaxing Full Body Aroma Massage

It is a gentle body massage focused on thorough relaxation of body and mind.  During the massage, aromatic essential oils are being used.  The massage is highly relaxing, the massage touches are slower, smoother (“more caressing”), in comparison with the classical full massage. 

850 Kč

Manual lymph drainage

Special massage that activates the lymphatic system, improves lymph flow and strongly promotes the removal of metabolic products and toxic substances from the body. It has an excellent detoxifying, rejuvenating, and relaxing effects. It soothes stress and improves the feeling of tension, is strongly effective in lymphatic and venous swellings, water retention, cellulite, acne, slows down the skin ageing.  It is performed without massage oils, using only baby powder.  It is very smooth and painless.   

1350 Kč

Luxurious treatment Gold-amber

After treatment of the whole body skin with a gentle shower scrub, followed by a gentle full body aromatherapy massage with apricot kernel oil with a luxurious revitalizing Gold-Amber serum . This is followed by a full body pack to a dry wrap, cleansing of décolletage with a facial tonic and application of a rejuvenating facial mask. For the duration of the face mask action, it is made a dry massage of the head and back of the neck.  After washing down the face mask, it is continued with a final, fine cosmetic massage of the face and décolleté using an intensive anti-age serum.  

1300 Kč

Herb caress ritual

The ritual consists of a pleasant relaxing bath with natural herbal oils Hay Flowers.  After the bath and drying, a massage of the legs, buttocks, back, and neck follows with the same Hay Flowers herbal mixture.

700 Kč

Detoxification Massage for Women

After a gentle shower scrub, it is followed by a special anti-cellulite massage of legs, thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen using the slimming Seaweed oleogel. The massage is followed by a compression wrap of legs and buttocks, and 15 min. relaxation. During the relaxation, it is made a dry massage of the head and back of the neck. For more lasting effect, it is good to take a series of massages. The number of treatments is always individual. 

850 Kč

Indian Anti-stress Massage

This is a special massage of upper thoracic parts of the back, neck, shoulders, the head (and the scalp) and the face without the use of massage oil. In the first phase, the massage is performed on a massage kneeling chair, while the client is sitting or lying on a couchette, through clothing or a cotton scarf. In the second half, the client is lying on the couchette on the back, is wrapped up in a wrap followed by a very pleasant massage of the face with warmed lava stones. The massage relieves tension, stress, overwork, anxiety, relieves headaches, eye pain, improves blood circulation and stiff neck, head and stimulates the scalp.

700 Kč